Can I travel to Portugal

How do we deal with Covid-19 at the Yoga Villa?

When you decide to have a break from it all and come for a retreat, we will advise you to fly to Faro directly and avoid Lisbon. The South of Portugal has been one of the safest areas in all of Europe, still at a total of less than a thousand confirmed cases in the whole province. Only the area around Lisbon and Porto there are highly affected areas, but still the virus numbers are below average. All people in Portugal must wear a protective mask in public areas. There are restrictions on the amount of people allowed in public spaces.

What measures do we take during the retreat?
We care about your safety. We made a list of some of the things we do to protect you and others when you arrive at the retreat. The Yoga villa is located just outside a remote village in the Algarve, Portugal. The local people live quite isolated here and to be honest, it feels quite normal here. We’ve had almost no cases in our area at all.

We will

  • supply disinfectant and soap to wash hands regularly
  • disinfect door handles on a regular base
  • have the villa disinfected before arrival of the new retreat
  • keep an extra eye on hygiene in the yoga house during the retreat
  • teachers might not give physical adjustments

You will

  • clean your hands regularly, especially before class and mealtimes.
  • keep your mat for the duration of the whole week or bring your own.
  • we will have only a limited amount of props provided.
  • postpone your retreat when you have corona related symptoms, till you get tested.

Covid-19 at the Yoga Villa


Dear all,

We will be practising the following measures to make sure your practice is as safe and peaceful as possible at the retreat.

Outside Practice & Social distancing
Most yoga practices take place outside, in the yoga garden, being surrounded by fresh ocean air. We have a maximum capacity of students during the retreats to make sure all students can maintain some distance from each other. However it might be different then in your home country. In the villa, as we practice, eat and spend time together, we see the villa as a family.

Cleanliness is our number one priority. We will provide hand sanitiser and cleaning spray for the yoga mats for you to use. We will make sure to clean the villa thoroughly in between retreats in order to create a clean space where you can truly relax. We will disinfect the villa regularly.

During your practice, the teacher normally walks around through the class to give verbal or physical adjustments. We are finding a way to do what feels best, for your safety and our own. Our policy might change on this, but at ANY moment, you can let us know you choose not to receive any physical adjustments. We may decide to temporarily stop physical adjustment for a certain period, if we feel that is necessary.


Stay home when you have symptoms
Cold symptoms: coughing, shortness of breath, elevated temperature or fever, or the sudden loss of taste and smell etc. If you live with someone who shows these symptoms, or who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19 within the past 21 days, please stay home as well.⁠ Air companies follow the same rules and will not allow you on board if you have any symptoms. Please respect the safety of your fellow humans :) Contact us and postpone your retreat free of charge in case of the risk of bringing covid-19. Make sure you do this before the starting day of the retreat to avoid extra costs.

Keep some distance
While at the retreat, keep a safe and respectful distance from other students and teachers. This starts when you walk in the door to check-in till check out the next week.

Use the hand sanitiser / wash your hands⁠
There is hand sanitiser available. Please make sure to use the hand sanitizers or soap before practice and please wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds after you’ve used the bathroom, or before coming to the communal areas.

Bring a yoga towel that is easy to wash and dry
Use the (yoga) towel between you and the props that you choose to use. You can use our mats provided and use the same one all week, or bring your own. Please make sure to clean it every day, after your afternoon practice. We use a limited amount of props.

We will ask you to use only the restroom assigned to your room. Most rooms have an ensuite bathroom.

Corona rules of Portugal
Everybody in Portugal is required to wear a protective face-mask in all public areas. All shops, markets, supermarkets will allow you entrance if you wear a non-medical face mask. A scarf is not a mask and won’t be accepted in Portugal or in the airplane. Please bring sufficient masks for your entire trip. In the villa you do not need to wear a mask, unless you start to have any symptoms.

Own Responsibility
Staying at the retreat in the yoga house is at your own risk, we take no responsibility or whatsoever for infection with corona or any other harm. If, during the retreat, someone will develop any Covid related complaints, they will kindly be asked to get tested at the health center. They will be able to participate after receiving a negative result of the corona test.

Waiting List
As some guests might cancel at the last minute, we have a waiting list that allows for last minute bookings! Please sign up and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as a spot opens up!

Mindful Booking and Cancellation
If you need to cancel, please always cancel your booking as soon as you know, as early as possible, prior to the starting date, so that somebody else might be able to get your spot. With our limited capacity, we want to make sure as many people get the chance to practice with us again.

Read our Terms and Conditions

We are in this together. Be kind, spread love and stay connected⁠. We are happy to see you again in Portugal, however, we will miss the hugs. Let’s focus on the little things we can do that keep us connected.⁠

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us