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Mindfulness | Wolfs Yoga Retreats Portugal

Writing and Yoga is more and more becoming a popular combination. Stilling the body & mind through yoga practices, gives space for creativity. Having a writers blog? Meditation can help, so can other yoga practices. Stress and deadlines are ‘killing’ for creativity. So whenever you have the feeling your creativity is blocked, you can turn to Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Practice:

Go outside to take a walk, open your eyes and bring your attention to the here now. Take a couple of slow deep breaths. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell. Feel your body being carried by the earth, feeling your weight on your feet. This is a simple mindfulness practice, that can be done in just a couple minutes, that can drop some weight from your shoulders during a stressful (work) day. The longer you take time for it, the more effect it has.

This beautiful poem is written by Daniela Medina Maté, during her stay here at Wolfs Yoga Retreats. She left this poem for us as a thank you. We would love to share it with you. Thank you dear Daniela!

Your Eyes (plural)

You all have the rarest of eyes
They say more than your laughter,
your touch.

In the quietest of the moment
You all slip through the cracks
and I get a glimpse into your goodness,
your smile

You see me
and I see You.

But before I know it you’ve slipped away.
How rare is it to find your guy’s eyes?

They’re like that little taste of sunlight
on a cloudy day

~ Daniela Medina Maté

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