Ujjayi Breath

Pranayama | 3 minutes
Teacher Lot Wolfs

Introduction to Ujjayi Breathing

Mastering the breath is the key to truly experience the benefits of yoga practice. Learning the Ujjayi breath gives you a strong foundation for learning pranayama.

Lot guides you through the ujjayi breath, a foundational breathing technique. Your breath is the key to unlocking the secrets of all yoga techniques. In asana practice, the Ujjayi breath connects all the movement and asana (posture) together, bringing a meditative focus throughout the practice. Without this careful attention to the breath yoga would be just another form of exercise. Keeping your awareness on the breath is one of the key points of yoga.

When practicing Ujjayi, you in- and exhale, while slightly contracting the throat, and breathe only through the nose. Ujjayi breath is used in Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga and many other practices.

Ujjayi breath warms the body, stabilizes the heartbeat during dynamic practices, strengthens the cardiovascular system, relaxes the nervous system and keeps the mind focused within the present moment.

  • Practice the Ujjayi breath a couple of times a day for a minute or two. In the beginning it might feel uncomfortable and strange. After a few times you start to notice a change and it becomes easy and supportive.