Breathe Up

Pranayama | 7 minutes
Teacher Amwo Wolfs

Introduction to a Powerful Pranayama

This is a powerful breathing technique, that supports the immune system, strengthens the lungs and prepares for deep meditation.

Amwo guides you through the first round of the ‘breath up’. It is an introduction to a longer more intense practice, that is best built up slowly and preferably practiced during one of our retreats for extra guidance. Here you can practice in a gentle way, to tap into its power.

The practice calms the mind and brings you into a state where you just ‘are’. The mind stops thinking and we enter the quiet space of just ‘being’. The breathing technique alkalises the blood and releases oxidative stress in the body. By this chemical process we activate and go back to the primordial brain where we can let go of the mind stuff and potentially heal trauma when practiced longer and deeper.

  • Please stay within your comfort and explore gently.

“Get high on your own supply” ~ The Ice Man, Wim Hof