Sun Salutations A and B


Ashtanga Yoga | 10 minutes

Ashtanga Yoga | Sun Salutations A and B – Modified

Lot guides you through the modified practice of Surya Namaskara A and B (Sun Salutation A and B), adjusted and at a slower pace. This softer approach to the movements, will prepare you for the more intermediate version of the sequences and will help you to build up the strength, flexibility and rhythm slowly.

It is a perfect morning practice on its own, as well as a good start of your day. Even a couple of Sun Salutations a day, makes an incredible difference. These are two foundational sequences practiced at the start of the Ashtanga Yoga series. The sequences are so complete in itself, that you could practice them on their own. Perfect if you are new to ashtanga yoga, choose a short practice or are building up your yoga practice.