Music Meditation

Nada Yoga | 6 minutes
Music by Amwo Wolfs

Music Meditation – Nada Yoga – with Amwo Wolfs

Amwo takes you on a meditative journey of sacred sound – Nada Yoga.

Nada means universal vibration of sound and Yoga means union. Nada Yoga is the practice of union, through the essence of sound and vibration. Through real listening, meditation, chanting of mantra or by playing an instrument, we practice to still the monkey mind. We practice to be in a more quiet and deep state of awareness, by being one with the vibration of sound. In Nada Yoga, the combination of the artist and the sound traveller (you), takes them both onto the sound journey of vibration.

  • Simply sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Connect to the breath, open your heart and surrender. Enjoy the sound journey played fully from the heart.

Amwo was deeply touched and inspired by sounds and artists that brought him into a meditative journey, like Ravi Shankar, Anouar Brahem, Avi Adir, Calm and Estas Tonne. With Estas he joined a musician retreat a few years back, learning the art of storytelling from the heart, without words. Listening connected him to a deeper source, and playing music brought him onto the path of sacred vibration.